Editing and Publishing

In the work of editing and publishing, chains such as preliminary review of contribution, plotting of topic selection, contribution arrangement & review and journal evaluation are inseparable from the collection and analysis of literature resources. In these aspects, VIP products provide editing and publishing users with a mode of full-range information services. Through full-ext services of VIP products, it is possible to realize search within publications and access to journal citation reports, etc.; with VIP products’ analysis tools and evaluation tools, it is possible to initially determine value of a contributed article, select members of editorial board and identify potential scholars and provide decision-making basis for plotting of topic selection or set up a new publication and new column.

The revealed cutting-edge information on discipline development helps journal editors in getting content support in the work of subject-selection plotting, contribution arrangement and review.

Always provision of status of the latest journals being embodied in domestic and international databases can help journal editors get aware of the development of journal circle.

Journal indexes can get the citations of the said publication and the article contained, providing assistant decision-making information and implementation of targeted self-evaluation.

Journal editors can also obtain influence of relevant journals in particular subject area in last 10 years, providing reference for the direction of journals.

Evaluation on the indicators such as annual impact factor and immediacy index of journal helps editors in objective awareness of the discipline status of this journal and the impact on other journals.

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