Information Analysis

Either novelty search or information consulting, a prompt and effective search tool can help information analysts quickly find a job breakthrough. VIP information service products have many users in the university libraries, local public libraries or information institutions. We uphold our persistent service concept to provide comprehensive and objective analysis service tool to the novelty searcher and consultants, trying to do our bit for the promotion of the efficient information analysis.

Advanced Search offers two ways, i.e. guide-style search and direct-input search, thus providing information analysts with flexible use of search tools for fast novelty search or information consulting services.

Citation Tracking Function helps information analysts in getting aware of development full-view of a research subject starting from overview of a high-quality literature.

Information analysts can also track research status in relation to a research subject according to different dimensions such as agencies, and regions.

Library Discipline Service Platform provides efficient service tools to help information service personnel and researchers in establishing a close interaction.

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