Scientific Research

In scientific research, the most important thing is to grasp ins & outs of the subject and the latest developments and research trends. VIP series information service products can help researchers in effective selection of research topics, quick awareness of overview of the research topics and locking relevant journals to facilitate a successful contribution, and objective assessment on academic value of the article from bibliometric view, etc., accordingly effective information service tools can help researchers shorten process of research development.

Through Journal Literature Search, one can get aware of the status of the size of relevant research literature in relation to the subject, the subject distribution and the latest research journal papers.

Function of Literature Citation & Tracking can simultaneously perform operation of tracking references of multiple articles and citation literature.

Science Indicators Analysis can help researchers quickly obtain research and development directions of an industry.

Science Indicators Analysis can also help researchers conduct evaluation and analysis of research achievements.

Statistical analysis of researchers’ academic achievements and the influence can help researchers in better implementation of academic exchanges.

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