Teachers and Students

VIP products play an important role in the work and study of university teachers and students. They can not only help teachers and students start a subject and perform novelty search for a thesis and select research subject of papers, but also track the latest developments of a subject, further help them choose contribution to a journal, recognize influence and position of their achievements in scientific research field, and use VIP products as analysis tools for providing reference information on studies or seeking job opportunities in the future.

Provision of the most complete bibliography and summary queries and seamless data associated link information can ensure demand of teachers and students for one-stop solution.

Prior separation out of valuable literature for a search subject can help teachers and students improve efficiency of the research study.

Effective sort-out of a core discipline research group or team can help teachers and students choose a right tutor or work and advanced study opportunities.

Teachers and students can obtain choiceness literature resources selected and submitted by librarians of library major discipline through library discipline service platform.

Exam Resource System can provide students with aimed learning and pre-exam exercises based on absolutely individual needs.

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