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Overview of Products

China Education Information System, referred to as CEIS, is derived from CHINA SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY JOURNAL DATABASE (CSTJ), with purpose of meeting demand of all aspects of elementary education in the primary and middle schools, from which teachers, students, principals (school administrators) even parents of students can obtain a variety of relevant latest and most complete knowledge necessary for the primary and middle school education. CEIS embodies full-text of relevant journals of some 2,400 species in relation to elementary education, which becomes the elementary education e-journal full-text database embodying most and sustained-updated journals in China.

Parameters and Characteristics of Products

  1. Total number of journals: more than 2400 species
  2. Core journals: 415 kinds
  3. Total amount of literature: over 6 million articles
  4. Update cycle: updated monthly
  5. Quality of full-text: adopting internationally accepted high-resolution PDF full-text data format
  6. Scope of disciplines: education science, school management, moral education, teaching reference, curriculum tutorship, advanced education of teachers, after-school reading, arts & culture and world of knowledge
  7. Search methods: Quick search, advanced search, search by category, journal navigation, regional navigation and letter navigation

Nine Key Sub-categories of CEIS Products

Education Science Educational research, Educational management, Educational psychology, Local education, Overseas education, Childhood/vocational/higher education, Family education
School Management Reference available to principals, Teachers’ development, Parties-Youth league-Young pioneer-Teachers’ union, Health/Finance/Administration, Educational technology & equipment, Library
Moral Education News & current affairs, Ideological & political education, Youth research, Mental health
Reference to Teaching Teaching research, Exam & enrollment, Language, Mathematics, Foreign languages, Physics/Chemistry/Biology, History/Geography/Politics, Pedagogy of other Subjects
Course Tutorship Exam questions & papers, Exam notes, Discipline-integration, Language, Reading & writing, Mathematics, Foreign languages, Physics/Chemistry/Biology, History/ Geography/Politics
Teachers’ Advanced Education Journal of teachers’ training, Chinese literature, Mathematics, Foreign languages, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, History, Geography, Politics, Arts, Sports, Information technology, General technology integration, Comprehensive natural sciences, Comprehensive social sciences
After-school Reading Reading for primary & middle school students, Comprehensive reading
Literature & Arts Literary & artistic works, Film-TV drama, Music/dance, Photography/Fine arts/Calligraphy, Chinese culture, Arts, Integrated literature & arts
World of Knowledge Information technology, Science popularization, Military affairs, Economic management, Society of legal system, History & geography, Physical education & health

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