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Overview of Products

CHINA SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY JOURNAL DATABASE (CSTJ) is China’s largest database of digital journals, which has aroused wide concern of library information circle of China and won widespread praise. At present, it has more than 6,000 big institutional users including those located in Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan regions, proven to be one of core resources for Digital Library construction in China, an important part of guarantee system of university library literature, and also the essential database for verification and novelty search conducted by science & technology researchers.

As a main product of Chongqing VIP Information Co., Ltd.,《CHINA SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY JOURNAL DATABASE (CSTJ)》has embodied more than 12,000 kinds of Chinese journals published in China over the years, with over 30 million full-text articles and 40 million items of citation, divided into 3 versions (full-text version, digest version and citation version) and 8 specials (social sciences, natural sciences, engineering & technology, agriculture science, medicine & health, economic management, education science and library information) published periodically. Now it owns more than 6,000 users of various sorts such as colleges & universities, middle schools, vocational schools, public libraries, research institutions, government departments, information institutions, medical establishments and enterprises, covering tens of millions of users both at home and abroad. 《CHINA SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY JOURNAL DATABASE (CSTJ)》has become an important component of literature safeguard system and an necessary database for technical workers to perform scientific novelty search and verification.

Parameters and Characteristics of Products

  1. Total number of journals: more than 12,000 species
  2. Core journals: 1957 species
  3. Total amount of literature: over 30 million papers
  4. Backdate period: to 1989, some journals backdating to 1955
  5. Update cycle: daily updated on Center Website
  6. Quality of full-text: adoption of internationally accepted high-resolution PDF full-text format
  7. Scope of disciplines: social sciences, natural sciences, engineering technology, Agriculture science, medicine & health, economic management, education science and library information
  8. Search method: basic search, conventional search, advanced search, journal navigation and search history
  9. Admission criteria: 《Chinese Library Classification》,《Rules on Recording Entries of Search Journal》(GB3793-83) and 《Rules on Indexing Literature Subject》 (GB3860-83), etc., performing an artificial quality checkup to ensure authenticity and accuracy of the recorded articles
  10. Technical standards: Adopting self-developed technology of vast literature search engine, providing B/S mode WEB database services while supporting international standard protocols such as OPENURL, and offering clients the open connection value-added services of heterogeneous database
  11. Copyright protection: Direct contracting with the agencies that have embodied journals, and the national competent authorities strictly supervise the implementation of royalties payment, enabling issue of copyright to be properly resolved according to the national copyright law

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