Overview of Products

《CHINA SCIENCE& TECHNOLOGY ECNOMIC NEWS DATABASE (CSTN)》 selects news and information from more than 420 kinds of major national newspapers and over 12,000 sorts of journals, including information reports about new products, novel technologies, new trends and new regulations in every walk of life. A simple news report can not only enable researchers or developers to avert from putting a lot of money and making efforts to repeat the work of their predecessors, but also provide them with inspiration and clues for development of new subjects and new products, thereby conducting new exploration and innovation based on achievements of their predecessors.

《CHINA SCIENCE& TECHNOLOGY ECNOMIC NEWS DATABASE (CSTN)》is an important source of information for the scientific research institutions, enterprises and government agencies to get access to industry trends, grasp market trends and establish competitive information system, especially it is one of important query databases for a novelty search institution in scientific & technical novelty search.

Parameters and Characteristics of Products

  1. Source of Resources: over 420 kinds of China's major newspapers and over 12,000 species of journals
  2. Scope of resources: comprehensive coverage of information resources of new products, novel technologies, new trends and new regulations in all walks of life
  3. Total amount of literature: more than 4.30 million items
  4. Update cycle: monthly update
  5. Time span: 1992 up to the present
  6. Data increment: annual increment of 500,000 items
  7. Scope of disciplines: 9 specials, i.e. scientific research, industry A, industry B, industry C, agriculture, medicine, business, economy and education
  8. Search methods including search, the secondary search, combined search, search by classification & step-by-step search and text search, etc.
  9. Data quality: introducing ISO9001 Quality System Standard to strictly control quality of data processing, which ensures data integrity and avoids the phenomenon of missing
  10. Admission criteria: 《Chinese Library Classification》, 《Descriptive Rules for Entries of Retrieval Periodicals》 (GB3793-83) and 《Rules for Indexing Literature Subjects》 (GB3860-83)

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