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《VIP EXAM RESOURCES SYSTEM (VERS) 》(referred to as VERS) is a large-scale educational resources exam question bank and online exam platform specially developed by VIP which integrates functions such as daily learning, pre-exam exercises, online exam and simulation exam into one. It combines the traditional exam and mode of exercises with advanced network application, allowing students to fully perform targeted learning and pre-exam exercises according to customized needs. Online answer and online mark-given provide reference answers and authoritative analysis, which achieves the effect that one is aware of it as soon as he (she) uses it and can do it when learning, thereby comprehensively improving the learning performance.

VERS contains 10 key sub-classifications that involve hundreds of exam subjects. By mid-February 2011, it had embodied more than 41,000 sets of exam papers, including more than 7,000 sets of whole truth exam papers, being among the best of the same kind of products, and monthly updated with the latest exam papers. Users may choose to order a certain sorts or categories of exam resources.

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