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Overview of Products

VIP JOURNAL INTEGRATION PLATFORM (VJIP) is an one-stop service platform for Chinese scientific journal resources launched by VIP and a product that extends the simplex full-text security services to the services such as citation and information. The services run through all chains of the readers’ demand in use of journal resources, providing multi-level, deep & wide field of integrated journal literature services: from the primary literature guarantee to secondary literature analysis, and then to the tertiary literature information processing, with in-depth sifting value of journal literature services, thereby offering users the most innovative research & learning platform of journal resources.

VIP JOURNAL INTEGRATION PLATFORM (VJIP) integrates 4 key modules, i.e. journal literature search, literature citation tracking, scientific index analysis and search engine, where function of the modules interconnects each other and their data verify one another. The platform uses data link mechanism to achieve function docking and positioning between modules and VIP series products, which allows significant improvement of efficiency of the resource utilization and comprehensive & systematic enhancement of the knowledge services.

Functions of Products

"Journal Literature Search": The largest and most complete digital journal abstracts and full-text database

  1. The biggest and most complete scientific journal title-abstract-index data to ensure basic needs of users for complete search
  2. Multi-channel full-text service mode such as full-text download, original text transmission and open link to ensure users’ request for full access
  3. Upgrade of multiple search functions such as personalized search history, fund-support and tips of well-known domestic & foreign databases embodiment as well as journal navigation help users promptly and effectively carry out literature search
  4. Continuous updating of the journal report, and comprehensive evaluation and quantitative analysis of quality and influence of Chinese journals

"Literature Citation Tracking": Journal literature citation analysis platform, quick access to topics clues

  1. Acting as China’s present largest abstract and citation index database, which shows real and full-view of the citation relationship
  2. Powerful citation search function, one-key double search of the source documents and cited ones
  3. Providing analysis functions such as multiple-document integrated citation tracking and excluding self-citations, searching ins & outs of the scientific research starting from a group of literature
  4. Providing citation data statistics functions and H index calculation of authors, institutions and journal elements to facilitate analysis based on each element

"Science Indicators Analysis": A mighty information on trend of disciplinary development and cutting-edge sciences, revealing valuable content of tertiary literature information

  1. China’s present largest facts-type database about citation evaluation which offers users the fine content with high-end value
  2. Multi-indicator quantitative analysis of disciplinary evaluation, research frontier and leading papers, which takes the initiative for users to reveal research & development status and trends of nearly 200 sub-disciplines
  3. Implementing quantitative analysis in allusion to indicators such as amount of publishing papers, cited volume, top papers and trend picture of 4 dimensions of institutions, scholars, regions and journals, reflecting the core research groups of various disciplines and their corresponding research results and research directions

"Search Engine Service": Provides Google and Baidu-based Personalized Extension Services

  1. Based on Google, Baidu search engines and VIP journal data seamlessly embedded product solutions, it allows effective extension of service function for the organizations

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